Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club

Promoting massage and bodywork in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, CA


Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club Bylaws

BYLAWS OF Rossmoor Bodywork Club


Section 1: The name of the organization shall be Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club

Section 2: The Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, per 501(c)(3) more specifically to promote massage and bodywork for Rossmoor residents. Part of its charitable service is to facilitate making free services of both amateur and professional practitioners available to members and guests.

Section 3: Dues and fees collected shall be to offset costs and retain a reasonable reserve.

Section 4: The club will sponsor regular events that will allow members and the general public to learn about and experience different forms of bodywork. The events will be free to members and open to other Rossmoor residents and accompanied guests for a nominal fee. The club will have people speaking about different types of massage and bodywork and giving free demonstrations. Amateurs, and students wanting practice are also welcome to donate services.

Section 5: The club will maintain an informational website and the primary form of communications shall be by email except for balloting. 

Section 6: The club will maintain a voluntary registry of information about the business entities and practitioners who choose to work in Rossmoor either in the public area or private homes. This will include business and practitioner license and insurance information and expirations dates. The club will maintain copies of their credentials and the information will be listed for the general public on the club website. 

Section 7: Will provide support for other Rossmoor clubs using or providing space for bodyworkers who are working on clients or demonstrating their techniques,


Section 1: Membership is open to any Rossmoor residents interested in promoting, receiving or practicing bodywork or massage.

Section 2: Members are residents who have paid annual dues.  Dues may be pro-rated for members joining late in the year.  Annual and prorated dues amounts shall be set by the board.


Section 1: Annual Meeting. The date of the regular annual meeting shall be set by the Board of directors who shall also set the time and place.  

Section 2: Special Meetings. Special meetings may be called by the Chair or the Executive Committee.

Section 3: Notice. Notice of Annual and Special meetings shall be given to each voting member, by mail or email not less than thirty (30) days before the meeting.  Notice of these meetings will be submitted for publications in the Rossmoor News in time to meet a publications date at least two weeks before the meeting.  Notice of the meeting will also be published in the Rossmoor Bodywork Club website. Notice of the board meetings will be posted on the club website.


Section 1: Board Role, Size, Compensation. The Board is responsible for overall policy and direction of the Council, and delegates responsibility for day-to-day operations to committees. The Board shall have up to five (5) and not fewer than three (3) members. The initial board shall consist of three (3) members but may be increased but a vote of the membership at an Annual meeting to five (5) members.  The board receives no compensation other than reasonable expenses.

Section 2: Meetings. The Board shall meet at least 4 times per year at an agreed upon time and place.

Section 3: Board Elections.  Candidates must be active club members.  Election of will be by mail in ballot and will occur before the annual meeting and the results of the election will be announced as the first item of business at the annual meeting of the club.  The new board members (Directors) will consist of the top vote getters needed to fill empty positions.

Section 4: Terms. All Board members shall serve three (3) year terms, but are eligible for re-election.  The initial terms will consist of 1 three year term, 1 two year term and 1 one year term.

Section 5: Quorum. A quorum must be attended by at least 50 percent of the Board members before business can be transacted or motions made or passed.

Section 6: Notice. An official Board meeting requires that each Board member have written notice two weeks in advance.

Section 7. Officers and Duties. There shall be 3 officers of the Board consisting of a President, Secretary and Treasurer. Their duties are as follows:

President shall convene regularly scheduled Board meetings.

The Treasurer shall make a report at each Board meeting. Treasurer shall chair the board meeting in absence of the President, assist in the preparation of the budget, and make financial information available to Board members and the public.

The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of Board actions, including overseeing the taking of minutes at all board meetings, sending out meeting announcements, distributing copies of minutes and the agenda to each Board members, and assuring that club records are maintained.

Section 8: Vacancies. When a vacancy on the Board exists, nominations for new members may be received from present Board members by the Secretary two weeks in advance of a Board meeting. These nominations shall be send out to Board members with the regular Board meeting announcement, to be voted upon at the next Board meeting. These vacancies will be filled only to the end of the particular Board member's term.

Section 9: Resignation, Termination and Absences. Resignation from the Board must be in writing and received by the Secretary. A Board member shall be dropped for excess absences from the Board or failure to pay annual membership dues. If the board member has three unexcused absences from Board meetings in a year. A Board member may be removed for other reasons by a three-fourths vote of the remaining directors.

Section 10: Special Meetings. Special meetings of the Board shall be called upon the request of the President or one-third of the Board. Notices of special meetings shall be sent out by the Secretary to each Board member postmarked two weeks in advance.


Section 1: The Board may create committees as needed.

Section 2: Committees report to the board and may consist of any active club members. 


Section 1: These Bylaws may be amended when necessary by a two-thirds majority of the of the club members at either the Annual Meeting or a Special Meeting. Proposed amendments must be submitted to the Secretary to be sent out with regular to all member thirty (30) days before the meeting.


Rossmoor -  A gated residential community in Walnut Creek, California.

Bodywork Any form of hands on therapy including but not limited to massage.

These Bylaws were approved at the first annual membership meeting on January 22, 2011