Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club

Promoting massage and bodywork in Rossmoor, Walnut Creek, CA


Rossmoor Massage and Bodywork Club Registry

This is a list of some of the businesses and practitioners who practice or market massage and bodywork in Rossmoor.  If provided, we also will post credentials of practitioners who operate in offices near Rossmoor. The Rossmoor Bodywork Club maintains copies of business and massage licenses, insurance certificates and posts copies of Health Freedom Act disclosures. 

Chiropractors, naturopaths, acupuncturists etc. who are licensed through their professions do not need disclosures.  

This registry is voluntary.  Not all practitioners provided full information but we verify CAMTC certification, insurance and business licenses. All verified fields will have an expiration date.  For information on getting or updating a listing here go to this page.

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Listing of Businesses by Practitioner Name

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